Monday, September 20, 2010

Are you kidding me? Like this is a joke right!

So a little background information, I am a preschool teacher of 3-5 year olds in a child development center. I have had the worst week ever!!!! Monday was just a Monday where all the kids were crabby and out of control because it was their first day back to routine. I have no problem with parents doing fun stuff with their kids but what the hell do these parents do to their kids that they are so out of control by the time they come back to Monday. It is like we do all the work to get them on a routine and they go home Friday and they must eat pop rocks, drink mountain dew, and stay up all hours of the night and come back to us manic little kid zombies. So Monday was a typical Monday. I should have named this blog title Monday.
Then Tuesday rolls around and I forget that I work at 7:15 instead of 7:30. You would think that 15 minutes might not matter, but it was picture day and it made the difference of walking into my classroom with 5 kids or like 12 kids! Of course they are all maniacs because their parents hyped them up, "Smile good", "Don't get dirty". Now why put all this pressure on your child? Like would it be the end of the world that your child gets some yogurt on his shirt and has a stain in the picture? If that happens then it is probably typical of your child and its kind of cute and quirky, "Ha ha of course they spilled something on their shirt". If you want perfect pictures take them to a studio and get them done while you are with them, not from preschool where kids will be kids... So it is insane because of course on picture day we have 20 children, 2 new that day. One speaks NO ENGLISH!!! And her native language is Albanian- I have no experience with that. The other one has never been in preschool and keeps trying to vacate the building... perfect. As much as I want to leave, we are all stuck. So all day long I am saying,"You have to stay in the classroom!" We make it through the hellish picture sessions and eventually clean the room up and get them outside without losing anyone in the process. While we are outside Piss pants pees himself, which is the norm for him lately. Then, it's lunch time and its quite the process getting 20 kids to wash their hands, get their lunches and sit down... Half way through lunch the new Albanian girl starts crying- I think it's from the commotion and I pick her up to hug her. Well she is wet- and its because she peed herself. Bah- well then it's my break time (which I used to go to the bank). So I am getting ready to leave and Albanian girl throws up all over the bathroom... Her Grandpa comes to get her and surprise surprise- he speaks no English.
Later I come back from break and I am getting ready to sweep so I can mop and I mop up some "mud" only to discover it is poop. Where the hell did that come from!!!! Just when you think nothing else can possibly go wrong it does. What did I do to deserve this absolute insanity!!! And the thing that gets me most is that this is not a respected position. I work in a "daycare". I must baby-sit all day- how easy... um NOT. You come get kids ready for kindergarten while keeping everyone safe and happy for 11hrs a day. Try it for 15 minutes and I guarentee you won't be back!!!!!

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